NDOT gives update on State Route 28 project

The Nevada Department of Transportation has made substantial progress during the second season of construction for the State Route 28 Shared Use Path, Water Quality and Safety Improvement Project near Incline Village with completion anticipated for the end of 2018, early 2019, weather permitting. The approximately $36 million project by Granite Construction will result in numerous safety improvements, congestion reduction measures and water quality upgrades along SR 28 from the south end of Incline Village to Highway 50. These include three plus miles of shared-use path including a tunnel under SR 28; pedestrian actuated crossing signal at Lakeshore Blvd; new off-highway parking, vista point and emergency roadside turnouts, centerline rumble strips, and installation of fiber optic conduit to the Washoe County line. Water quality improvements will feature roadside drainage inlets, sediment filtration systems and erosion control measures. Additional pathway and parking will enhance safety and reduce congestion for the more than 2.5 million drivers who annually travel State Route 28, as well as 2,000 pedestrians and bicyclists who park and recreate near the roadside on peak days. This season, major rock scaling and retaining wall construction to protect the existing roadway and future path work occurred along the hillside near Lakeshore Blvd. Pathway bridge foundation installation also began with utility work, sewer line and water quality enhancements:
  • Pathway- Shared use path paving was completed on approximately 1.5 miles of the path between Incline Village and Sand Harbor
  • Storm Drain Pipes – 2,800 linear feet, 60 drainage inlets and 21 manholes were installed to further protect the Lake’s clarity
  • Roadside Pullouts- two roadside vehicle pullouts were constructed this year for safer emergency parking
  • Fiber Optic Line Conduit – installation of 14,200 linear feet critical for Basin wide connectivity for emergency services and business
  • Soil Nail Walls – installed 5,000 linear feet from Sand Harbor to just past Memorial Point; placing rods into the hillside with a wall tied to the rods for erosion protection and path stabilization
  • Incline Village General Improvement District Sewer - 13 critical repair locations that were in danger pipe failure totaling 1,120 linear feet of sewer line removal and replacement spread over 2.5 miles
Crews may conduct minor preparation/staging along the path during winter months if conditions allow; creating periodic daytime lane closures during off season. In spring of 2018 major construction activities are scheduled to resume with lane closures anticipated between Sand Harbor and Ponderosa Ranch Road during the 2018 construction season. “The new East Shore Trail is a planning and engineering marvel,” said Cory Ritchie, Tahoe Fund board member and bike path donor. “It’s a great example of public, private, local, state, and federal agencies all playing a role. There will be six bridges, a tunnel, and three miles of path, making this magnificent stretch of shoreline accessible and safe for users of all -- and I can’t wait to ride it with my family.” With the pathway under construction, it remains closed to the public. The Memorial Point parking lot and restroom will also remain closed. Recreationists are encouraged to access beaches and trails through designated recreation and parking areas off of the roadside. Project information is available at www.nevadadot.com/SR28 or by calling 775-888-7000.


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