Letters to the Editor for Friday, Dec. 15, 2017

Mail delivery far from perfect in Carson City

During the last week of November we noticed our mail being delivered as late as 9 p.m. and not every day. On Dec. 4 there was no delivery. On Dec. 5, I put 30-plus Christmas cards in my mailbox. Three days later on Dec. 8 and darkness settling in, a mailman showed up. He said he only does our route on Fridays and to contact the postmaster. He said he’d also report it at the end of his shift.

I tried to contact the postmaster to no avail. I went into the Post Office and a supervisor informed me they were down 15 positions, had a heavy load with Christmas, and people were quitting. She stated everyone was getting mail every other day. I told her that wasn’t the case in the neighborhood in central Carson City. She disputed that.

As of Dec. 12 we have received mail one time since the 5th. Two of our neighbors are 87. Their power was recently shut off. According to them, they had paid the bill and mailed it. One has to suspect it was the mail service. The lady next to them is in her late 70s and living alone. We have another neighbor who lives across the street alone and is approaching 90. It can get cold and slippery after dark, which increases the chance for injury for these folks.

This mail situation didn’t happen overnight. It bespeaks of poor planning by people in leadership who get paid regardless of the mail being delivered.

One would think after I pointed out the problem someone would ensure I received my mail. Yet day three after I complained for our neighborhood, still no mail delivery.

Dan Armstrong

Carson City


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