Glen McAdoo: The party of Roy Moore

On Oct. 9, 1965, 32,000 followers of Martin Luther King marched from Selma, Ala., to Birmingham, Ala. They marched for the right to vote. As they crossed the Edmund Pettus bridge in Birmingham, they were viciously attacked by men wearing badges. Now a Congressman, John Lewis suffered a fractured skull and nearly died. Because of them, black folks in Alabama now vote. It’s because of them Republican Roy Moore wasn’t elected Senator on Dec. 12. Thirty percent of those voting in Alabama in this special election were black. Ninety-five percent voted for Doug Jones.

Sadly, some things never change in Alabama. For many years Alabama elected racists as Senators, Congressmen, and Governors. It’s been 52 years since the Selma march, yet on Dec. 12, the Republicans of Alabama almost elected an an alleged pedophile, to be their U.S. Senator. I believe his accusers are telling the absolute and irrefutable truth.

The support of Moore by President Trump, the RNC, and Alabama Republicans, is evidence of the complete moral collapse of the GOP. The Republican party is now the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump. Two peas in a pod. Lock em’ up. The election of Trump is clear evidence of a moral collapse by those who voted for him.

Some say the election of Trump proved his supporters didn’t believe the 15 women accusing him of sexual misconduct. I don’t buy that. They voted for him in spite of the accusations because tax-cuts and ending Obamacare were higher on their list of concerns. There can be no excuse for supporting immorality. Money seems to always be the No. 1 priority for Republicans.

Trump’s endorsement of Moore was disgraceful. He urged Alabamians to vote for Moore, because Moore would vote for his agenda. In doing so he totally misrepresented the positions of Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones. Trump just flat-out lied, something he does all the time. According to the NYT, he lies an average of about five times a day. In Trump’s case money has always trumped morality.

It was the Evangelicals who nearly put Moore over the top. They said they couldn’t vote for a Democrat because the Democrats support of a woman’s right to choose. But, they don’t seem to care for a child once it’s brought into this world. They support Republicans who will eliminate feeding poor kids at school. They support those who will cut healthcare for needy children. And now they have voted for a man who allegedly molested a child. Such hypocrisy.

These Evangelicals claim to be Christians. That’ll be the day. They aren’t Christ-like as a Christian is supposed to be. For what they believe is a little money, these Evangelicals were willing to sacrifice dignity for depravity and profit.

Jesus commands us to care for the needy. Jesus made it clear we should care for the sick. These Evangelicals want a tax-cut at the expense of sick poor people, even sick poor kids.

Roy Moore says homosexuality should be a crime; Islam is against our Constitution; 9/11 was God’s punishment for our perverseness. Muslims shouldn’t be allowed in Congress or the Senate and Putin is right about America because we support same-sex marriage.

He once said Constitutional Amendments after the 10th were wrong.

That includes the abolishment of slavery, a woman’s right to vote, and all civil rights Amendments, among others. I think he later changed that from the tenth to the seventeenth Amendment.

Said Moore; “America used to be great, although we had slavery, because families were united.” That’s insane. During that time families were ripped apart. Babies were torn from their mothers arms and sold to the highest bidder. Husband and wife were sold to different owners. How close were the families of slave owners? Fathers and sons were regularly sleeping with female slaves and fathering children which became slaves and were many times sold. For Moore to call the most despicable time in our history a great time illustrates his lack of knowledge.

That this man even came close to being a Senator is a blight on Alabama Republicans. God and Democrats defeated him because of his perverseness.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at


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