The Popcorn Stand: Fantasy football doing some real good

The major professional sports leagues are gradually moving away from their “wink, wink” attitude toward gambling and beginning to admit to the reality gambling is a huge part of their success. I mean, come on, does the National Football League really believe the injury report is for coaches?

If coaches had there way there would be no injury report. There’s one reason why there’s an injury report and we all know what it is.

But those who support gambling are also guilty of a “wink wink” attitude in which they try to make gambling more palatable. Where do you think the politically correct, euphemistic term “gaming” comes from. Oh it’s not gambling, but “gaming,” so it’s not so bad.

I do wonder if some day we even get to the point the NFL is so willing to accept gambling that if Todd Gurley is nominated for the NFL’s Man of the Year Award, one of the reasons presented is all the donations given to a charity affiliated with him, Shriners Hospitals, through fantasy football.

Then again based on this tweet, Gurley apparently doesn’t think much of fantasy football likely because of those who somehow blamed him for their lack of fantasy football success in the past. After having a big game on Christmas Eve, Gurley tweeted: “Fantasy owners you’re welcome now leave us alone. Merry Christmas!”

It doesn’t matter. If you had Gurley this year in your fantasy football league, chances are you won some money. And it was actually the idea of Michael Gelhken, who covers the Raiders for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, for fantasy football players to donate their winnings to a charity affiliated with a player responsible for their success.

With Gurley, so far there has been $10,500 and counting donated to Shriners Hospitals in Gurley’s name. Because of the size of the donations, officials with Shriners Hospitals thought Gurley had died.

Nope, Gurley is alive and well and so apparently is good will thanks to fantasy football.

— Charles Whisnand


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