Confidence, discipline, pride

Their military bearing while passing in review Friday stood out before the U.S. Navy team attending the annual Navy Junior ROTC inspection at Churchill County High School.

Although Capt. David Halloran, commanding officer of Naval Air Station Fallon, inspected the ranks before Friday’s pass in review, he lauded the cadets for their performance and also extolled the need for discipline.

He elaborated afterward.

“What I realize in my advanced age, kids need discipline, and some of them seek it out,” Halloran said. “Everyone wants to have discipline realizing it’s a way to overcome adversity you may or may not expect.”

He said cadets, therefore, learn invaluable life lessons and how to deal with obstacles when they face students. As for Junior ROTC, he said the program parallels the armed forces because rules and regulations must be followed.

“It transcends from ROTC to the military to the outside world,” he said.

Robert Kermen, senior naval science instructor, said the inspection and pass in review went well for his students, who number more than 100 this year.

“The cadets here at this time of the year are the ones who will stay with us,” Kermen pointed out. “They’re neat kids, and I appreciate working with them.”

Kermen, who said drill and ceremony is his favorite subject, commended the cadets on a job well done.

Savannah Hughes, a company chief, said this year’s inspection showed vast improvement from 2016’s event. Overall, she said the high point of the program for her is watching cadets grow, especially from their freshman to sophomore years.

Dr. Sandra Sheldon, superintendent of the Churchill County School District, said the quality of the Junior ROTC program is invaluable, and she appreciates the support the U.S. Navy gives to the school district.

As for their pass in review in front of the Navy personnel and parents, Sheldon couldn’t be prouder.

“The students show so much confidence,” she said.


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