Joining Forces to focus on speeders

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office will be focusing on catching speeding drivers during March as a part of its Joining Forces event.

Speeding is a contributing factor in one-third of fatal crashes on the nation’s roadways, said Carson City Sgt. Earl Mays. Speeding drivers are especially dangerous now with the inclement weather Carson City has received in the past few weeks.

“The Carson City Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone of the dangers of driving too fast on wet roads,” Mays said. “Hydroplaning is very serious and dangerous. The loss of control of the vehicle when hydroplaning usually ends up as a traffic crash. Please slow down in this very wet weather.”

The consequences of speeding include: greater potential for loss of vehicle control, reduced effectiveness of occupant protection equipment, increased stopping distance when driver perceives a danger, increased degree of crash severity and unexpected economic and psychological implications of a speed-related crash.

Joining forces is funded by the Nevada Department of Public Safety-Office of Traffic Safety in order to focus on keeping Nevada streets safer.


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