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Dear Editor:

It was an interesting ending for last week — C-SPAN alternating coverage of the Conservative Political Action Conference and the Democrats electing a new national chairman. My wife and I spent much of Thursday and Friday watching when we probably could have been doing something more constructive.

The differences in the two programs were obvious to us (of course we may have a certain bias). A friend in Reno said he thought the Democrats showed some class. Maybe they did, but the undertones of hate and denial kept creeping through to me.

The conservatives, I thought, exuded optimism and hope in correcting the damage of the last two administrations. Our own attorney general, Adam Laxalt, was there and although his segment was not broadcast I read later that he said “Despite the ‘Reid Machine’ conservatism will shine through in Nevada in the 2018 election”. We would do well to elect him governor then.

While the Democrats may have toned down their rhetoric their true feelings were obvious in that the Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison narrowly lost the chairmanship but then was given the No. 2 slot by acclamation.

President Trump was his usual self, talking from the heart, expressing his love for our country and his hope and promises for its future. So was VP Pence. But it was sad to see that the Democrats showed no interest in changing their style, no recognition that what they had been doing was not working for them. Perhaps time will change that.

How much longer can they follow the lead of the hate-filled Barack Obama, whose strings are pulled by the greater hater, George Soros, with his unfathomable wealth and total lack of conscience? Their willingness to tear down the country rather than build it up are obvious and must be defeated.

It frightens me to foresee that their tactics could lead to blood in the streets.

Jim Falk

Churchill County

why not heritage day?


A bill currently in the Nevada Legislature will rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

Why don’t we just have a Heritage Day? Everybody has a heritage – be it pure American from long before 1492, Italian, Algerian, Mexican, Norwegian, Peruvian, Vietnamese or any other, either pure or mixed depending on your ancestors. You do not get to choose your heritage, but almost everyone is proud of their heritage. Also, no person is responsible for the actions – good or bad, intentional or unintentional – of their ancestors.

Shouldn’t everyone be entitled to a national holiday celebrate their heritage and shouldn’t we also recognize that everyone else is entitled to celebrate their heritage? I advocate for choosing a day, certainly not March 17th, May 5th, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year or any other day commonly associated with a particular heritage, and declaring that day a national holiday called Heritage Day. On that day each year we should celebrate our own heritage, keeping the traditions of that heritage alive and well and also celebrate the American wonder of a melting pot where we recognize and respect the positive contributions that each culture has made to our way of life.

Let us be proud Americans, no matter from where we came.

Jim Henderson



Referring to an interesting article by David Henley. In it we were told that Kit Carson, among his many activities, was responsible for killing a great number of Native Americans, not all of which was justified.

The new leaders of the state Legislature are calling for Columbus Day to be replaced by a new celebration: “Indigenous People’s Day.” Thus poses the question: Are we destined to rename the state capital? Seriously, when is enough, enough?

On a different but related subject, the three Democrat congressional members have asked Gov. Brian Sandoval to advise the U.S. Senate to remove the statue of Patrick McCarran because there is evidence that he was anti-Semitic.

For the record, the Catholic Church went to great lengths prior to World War II in instructing its members that it was the Jews who put Christ to death. It was terrible logic, but it caught on. One could examine hundreds of public servants who were Christians and find most held the belief prior to the war.

The war did two things. Jews and Christians fought side by side and ended up loving each other. The death camps of the Nazis demonstrated just how persecuted the Jews had become. Their plight was embraced in 1945.

Was it not Jesus who said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?” We need fewer moral interpreters and more moral people. The two are not the same. Make constructive laws. Stop destroying history!

Joseph B. Allegretti

Carson City


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