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Old, empty, abandoned building with empty stores and shops at an intersection in a ghost town.

Old, empty, abandoned building with empty stores and shops at an intersection in a ghost town.

Carson City history is fascinating, and there’s so much of it. But much of it is gone and so much is untold. That is, until now.

A significant part of this city’s history is finally being told by Bonnie Boice Nishikawa, new historian/author who has just published a chronicle of her experiences growing up in the Nevada State Orphans/Children’s Home or “Sunny Acres,” once very much a part of the downtown history between 1870-1992.

Her memoir entitled “My Life as a ‘Home’ Kid” is full of interesting and poignant stories centering on the daily life of children who were “rescued from family tragedies and nurtured through childhood to become healthy and productive future citizens.”

Bonnie was born in Oakland, Calif., and through a series of tragedies, she and her brother and sister were placed by their father in the home on Sept. 15, 1942, referred to as “half-orphans.”

So many kids grew up in the orphanage that they were referred to as the “home kids” and those who lived with their families were called the “town kids.” Bonnie’s book is not only history of the Children’s Home, but a history of Carson City and reflects the many changes that shaped this city as it grew.

Columnist Guy Farmer writes, “This is a story told with love and occasional humor.” Author Guy Clifton adds, “This is an intimate and historically important look at a longtime Nevada institution.”

For those who find local history fascinating, you are invited to meet Bonnie at the Chamber’s Artisan Store book signing event and artist reception on Saturday, Feb. 4, between 2-4 p.m.

Bonnie is committed to keeping some of our unique history alive for current and future generations. Please RSVP to 775-882-1565, or just drop by at 1900 S. Carson St., near the Nevada State Railroad Museum.


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