Cheers & Kudos: Children’s Museum thanks generous staff at U.S. Bank

The Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada would like to extend a very special thank you to U.S. Bank for its recent donation of $3,000 for free admission and raffle items from our gift shop on July 22. We had 508 visitors and raffled off two large gift baskets. This donation will help to support ongoing programs and activities at the CMNN.

We would like to pay special attention to U.S. Bank for recognition of the museum’s continued growth and success. This support helps the museum remain a viable part of Carson City. Thanks to the many generous people and organizations, such as U.S. Bank, we can continue to serve the families who visit with many fun, hands-on learning activities and exhibits throughout the year.

Thank you, U.S. Bank employees Karrel Beitler, Sara Denney, Amber Grant, Ricky Merlin, Alex Weckmann, Lisa Shores, Elise Ahnlund, Tonya Campanile, Tina Leslie, Jana Shires, Bre Lowrie, Jon Mauzy, and Brain Howard.

Lu Olsen

Director of the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada


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