SCORE helps Sparks woman start unique bedding company

SPARKS — It’s been called “the most significant advancement in bedding to date.” It’s Stayput bedding and when Ruby Russell invented it two years ago she was solving a potential relationship problem with partner Louie Scheel. “I had enough of Louie’s bad sleeping pattern; he literally destroyed the bed every night. I hated making the bed each morning and with guilt I would sneak out leaving the bed making to Louie,” Ruby said. “While relaxing in bed one morning I came up with a solution and invented Stayput.”

It’s designed to keep your top sheet in place and eases the hassle of making beds in the morning.

“One person can make a bed in less than 30 seconds,” said Ruby proudly. Now she and partner Louie are selling their bedding so everyone can enjoy its benefits.

Thirty years ago when Ruby started a clothing store in Santa Maria, Calif., she used the valuable advice from a SCORE mentor. So when she decided to create Distinctive Bedding, she turned to Northern Nevada SCORE for help. Working with mentors Trish Viveiros and Tom Jablonski, Ruby and Louie did extensive research on manufacturing and selling their bedding products and setting up their business.

They’re now developing a second product — a Stayput bed spread with similar benefits to their Stayput sheets. It’s even reversible (a suggestion from Viveiros). To learn more about their unique designs and buy a set of Stayput sheets, visit their website:

“Working with SCORE mentors is fabulous. I run ideas by Trish and she has such great insight,” Ruby said. “The mentors are so encouraging and so willing to help in any way they can. They’re a great resource and it’s all free.”

SCORE Northern Nevada is part of the SCORE network of more than 11,000 mentors who volunteer their time and expertise to help small business owners through workshops and confidential, free business mentoring. They’re mission is to help entrepreneurs start new businesses and help existing small businesses be more successful. There’s no cost for their services.

For information on how SCORE can help you start or develop your existing business, visit, or call 844-232-7227.

John Strom is a Certified SCORE mentor and author of “Maximizing Your ROPI – Return on Your People Investment.” He has over 30 years experience in management training and development.


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