Cheers & Kudos: Woman grateful for treatment at Carson Tahoe

I would like to take this time to take a moment and talk about my recent experience with Carson Tahoe Hospital.

I had a recent total knee replacement done in September and it got infected.

After six months my knee was severely infected and I ended up in the emergency room on Saturday morning. By Monday morning, Dr. Anderson from Reno Orthopedic Center removed my infected right knee and put in an articulated block spacer, (a temporary knee infused with antibiotics) and then I had to do daily treatments of very powerful and extremely expensive antibiotics with a PICC line going from my right arm to my heart for eight weeks. Then, I had to undergo another knee replacement, the third and final one on May 8. It’s now six weeks later and the infection is gone and my knee feels great. This hospital and team of doctors and nursing staff saved my life. I could have died from this infection.

This unexpected illness was a catastrophic financial event for me and I ended up qualifying as a patient charity case. Never in my life had I experienced such caring individuals, all the way from the financial center to all the doctors who treated me and the nursing staff who gave such loving care.

I am eternally grateful for Carson Tahoe Hospital for saving my life and giving me wonderful care and being there for a person like me who truly needed help both financially and physically. Thank you, Dr. Anderson.

Donna Gilio



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