RTC approves Sonoma Street rebuild in Carson City

The Regional Transportation Commission approved a contract to rebuild a section of Sonoma Street.

The project between Saliman and Halleck drives was made possible because of savings realized by the Carson City Public Works department by putting roads projects out to bid earlier in the year, said Patrick Pittenger, transportation manager.

In 2016, the city put projects out to bid in the beginning of the year, before contractors got busy, and was able to save money on several projects, including work on Goni Road and Appion Way, he said.

The city received seven bids on the Sonoma Street project and a $160,919.85 contract was awarded to Colbre Grading & Paving of NV, Inc.

The RTC also authorized Pittenger to execute amendments to or change the value by up to 20 percent of a cooperative agreement between the RTC and the Nevada Department of Transportation for improvements to Airport Road between Butti Way and 5th Street.

The city can’t be reimbursed for design work it’s doing on the federally-funded project without an agreement in place so any changes to it that need to be approved by the RTC would have meant the department couldn’t work on the design while it waited for approval.

“We are in a hurry to get this done and any design work is non-reimbursable,” without an agreement, which is still in draft form, said Pittenger. “We don’t want to wait another five weeks.”

The RTC also authorized Public Works to exercise an option for a new fixed-route bus for the Jump Around Carson (JAC) system.

The $316,399 contract with Creative Bus Sales will provide replacement of a bus that has met both thresholds in terms of its 7-year useful life and 200,000 miles.

Carson City was awarded two Transportation Alternatives Program grants, one for $750,000 for the multi-use freeway path and another for $789,474 for pedestrian and bicycle improvements on South Carson Street between Fairview Drive and Roland Street.

Both projects should start construction in the spring of 2018.

The city also entered into a long-term contract with a new broker to get reimbursed for JAC fares for Medicaid recipients.


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