Carson City’s ‘Shine Blue Lights’ honors law enforcement

Merchants and residents who value the risky work of police and sheriff’s deputies can show their support in a new city program to shine blue lights as a beacon to officers and tribute to those who died in the line of duty, city officials said.

“Proudly shining a blue light on your front porch or outside your business is a simple way to show our officers that you respect and appreciate them protecting us and our community,” Executive Director Ronni Hannaman of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce said at its monthly meeting. “The light also serves as a symbol of honor for the many brave officers who lost their lives while on the job.”

Organizers are working to launch the program in time for Nevada State Law Enforcement Day, May 4, on the state Capitol grounds. Shine Blue Lights will hold a kick-off event downtown May 1 with Mayor Bob Crowell and Sheriff Kenny Furlong at which free light bulbs will be offered to attendees. In coming weeks, volunteers will hand out light bulbs to downtown merchants who wish to participate in the program.

“Blue lights to support police have been shining in various cities around the country for many years and it is time to turn them on in Nevada’s capital city,” Carson City Manager Nick Marano said. “We hope all our residents and merchants will want to shine their support for our sheriff’s deputies, Nevada Highway Patrol and law enforcement officers all across the state.”

A free blue light will be offered to all by Dick Campagni at his Campagni Auto Group Toyota, Ford and Hyundai dealerships, Hannaman said. “Dick Campagni and his employees at Capital Ford, Carson City Toyota and Carson City Hyundai know how important law enforcement is to our community and the safety of Carson City. That’s the main reason Campagni Auto Group joined with the city to support our officers with this program. We hope other businesses and our entire community will join in this well-deserved recognition during the month of May.”

“Let’s all put up a blue light and let it shine as a signal of support for those who cast a watchful eye on our streets and neighborhoods and respond to those perilous 911 calls,” Hannaman said.

Volunteers assisting Carson City with Shine Blue Lights are Susan Sutton, Donna Schultz, Barbara Nicholas and Chris Chrystal.


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