IoT development startup Breadware moves headquarters to Reno

Pictured is Breadware's Mega-B product.

Pictured is Breadware's Mega-B product.

Internet of Things (IoT) development company Breadware has relocated its headquarters to Reno, the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) announced Thursday, April 27. The company was previously headquartered in Santa Barbara, Calif.

“Breadware had many choices of where to relocate and grow their business,” Mike Kazmierski, president and CEO of EDAWN, said in a press release. “Selecting our community speaks volumes about the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the opportunities it affords technology startup companies.”

Breadware was co-founded in 2015 by Daniel Price and Danny deLaveaga in Seattle, Wash. The company has created a toolset that makes it easier and more accessible to develop IoT devices.

Developing products in the IoT space “is an expert level field, and we didn’t want that to be the case,” Price said in a phone interview with NNBW. “We wanted to increase the access to electronic development, increase the access to IoT.”

The company’s IoT devices serve two different market segments. One segment services the business-to-customer market such as students, educators, inventors and more.

“That has been interesting to a lot of artists, a lot of students and a lot of teachers,” Price said.

The second segment serves businesses that want to add IoT capacity to their products or business assets.

“It is when a company knows that they have a timeline, they have a budget and they have to build a product,” Price said.

While the company has been servicing the business-to-business market segment since the beginning, Breadware is gearing up to bring its Breadware B-Line prototyping kit geared for the business-to-customers segment to market in May 2017.

Price explained that they began looking for a new city to relocate to in October 2016. They also considered settling their headquarters in other places such as Los Angeles, Colorado and Seattle. However, the company did not start looking at Reno until that December.

“At this point, we were very much not sold on Reno at all,” he said.

However, Breadware connected with Doug Erwin, vice president of entrepreneurial development at EDAWN and they came to Reno the weekend of New Years to tour the community.

“We got to meet, it felt, like everybody in town,” Price said.

They met with other technology startups and companies such as Filament, Capstak, several other companies in the Innevation Center and more. Price said that meeting with other companies in the Reno area was a big selling factor in the company’s decision to relocate. Other factors included the ability to save costs, quality of life and more.

“We felt here we could be part of the growth of Reno,” Price said.

Breadware is currently operating out of the third floor of the Innevation Center. The company moved into the coworking space on March 15.

“It felt like we graduated from a company in a college dorm room to a first apartment,” he said.

The company has 10 employees with seven in Reno, two in California (who are in the process of moving to Reno) and one in India. Price said that they are not hiring at this time but they plan to add four employees by the end of 2017 and around 10 employees in 2018. They also are currently working to bring on several interns.

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