Carson City health inspections for May 12, 2017

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for May 12. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Artisan Bakeworks & Cafe, 701 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Carson City Senior Center, 911 Beverly Drive, 100 points.

Carson City Toyota, 2590 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Dotty’s, 4320 S. Carson St., 100 points.

El Charro Avitia, restaurant, 4389 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Firehouse Subs, 3120 E. Highway 50, Suite 1, 100 points.

Laundry Lounge, 1300 E. Fifth St., 100 points.

Mi Casa Too, 3809 N. Carson St., 100 points.

Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza, 1894 E. Highway 50, Suite 5, 100 points.

Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza, 4314 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Q’s BBQ, 230 Fairview Drive, 100 points.

Subway 3959 S. Carson St., 100 points.

Tahoe Tenderloins, 110 W. Telegraph St., 100 points.

Bistro at the Bryan, 901 S. Stewart St., 99 points. Drainage tubing from the soda machine needed to have an air gap between it and the floor drain.

The Cracker Box, 402 E. William St., 98 points. Cloths used on food-contact surfaces weren’t clean or didn’t contain sanitizer residual. Bleach was missing from sanitizer buckets. Floors weren’t clean and areas in the kitchen needed to be power washed.

Jimmy G’s Cigar Bar, 301 N. Carson St., 98 points. The interior surfaces of the ice machine were caked in biofilm.

Sassafras, bar, 1500 Old Hot Springs Road, 98 points. The leaky dishwasher needed to be fixed or replaced. The floors weren’t clean.

Dollar General, 3059 Highway 50 E., 97 points. Refrigerated and canned foods were found past their use-by dates. Garbage storage container lids were open.

Applebee’s, 3300 S. Carson St., 96 points. Food thermometers weren’t being sanitized between uses. Floors and nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment weren’t clean.

Terrible’s, 4640 S. Carson St., 95 points. Perishable cold foods were being held above 46 degrees. Sandwiches and burritos in the reach-in cooler were at 48 degrees instead of the required 41 degrees or below.

Dollar Tree, 2709 N. Carson St., 94 points. The employee bathroom door wasn’t equipped with a self-closing device (repeat violation). The faucet in the men’s bathroom needed to be repaired (repeat violation).

El Torito Super Mercado, meat department, 304 E. Winnie Lane, 92 points. Chorizo and other meats were being stored at room temperature for more than four hours. The three-basin sink wasn’t easily accessible. Food-contact surfaces weren’t smooth and easily cleanable. Cooking and food preparation areas needed to be cleaned.

Taqueria la Salsa, 1946 E. Highway 50, 90 points. Perishable cold foods were being stored above 46 degrees. Salsa, vegetables, coleslaw and other food on the preparation table weren’t being maintained at 41 degrees or below. Food wasn’t labeled as required or stored in approved containers. Raw meats were being stored above uncovered ready-to-eat food. Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment and utensils weren’t clean. Floors, microwaves, piping and kitchen line equipment needed to be cleaned.

Wildcat Den Cafe, Western Nevada College, 2201 W. College Parkway, 89 points. Food wasn’t being stored in approved containers or prepared and served with minimal manual contact. Employees weren’t using gloves to assemble sandwiches. Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment and utensils weren’t properly constructed or repaired. A non-commercial refrigerator was being used at the coffee bar. Facilities for manual dish washing weren’t properly designed, constructed, maintained, installed or operated. Sanitizer levels weren’t being checked. The hand-washing sink wasn’t properly installed at the coffee bar. The coffee bar was installed without approval from the Health Department. Floors weren’t clean. The wall and ceiling surfaces weren’t easily cleanable.

Sassafras, restaurant, 1500 Old Hot Springs Road, 87 points. A reach-in cooler needed to be replaced after perishable cold foods were found at inconsistent temperatures. Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment weren’t clean. The pizza oven needed to be cleaned and sanitized, in addition to the bottom of the standing freezer and the adjacent preparation table. Surfaces of line equipment needed to be cleaned and sanitized. Grease was dripping from exhaust fans in the rear of the building. Floors promoted accumulation of food debris and weren’t easily cleanable. Food debris was found under the dishwasher, behind the rear preparation table and freezer, and under line equipment.

Alderto’s Fresh Mexican Food, 1250 S. Carson St., 86 points. Eggs were being improperly stored over ready-to-eat shredded cheese, corrected on site. Some food wasn’t properly packaged, labeled and dated. Liquid hand soap was missing from the employee hand-washing sink. The waste grease barrel was coated in food debris. A certified food handler wasn’t on duty (repeat violation).


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