Reno Lumber buys land to expand in Carson City

Reno Lumber, thanks to help from the Northern Nevada Development Authority, has purchased land for its expansion to Carson City.

The Nevada Certified Site Program, sponsored by the Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA), handles all the requirements for a purchase as part of the listing to meet city, county and state regulations. Reno Lumber became the first company to close on a Certified Site for its expansion to Carson City, as it purchased 4.8 acres at the corner of Lamotte Rd and Arrowhead Dr. NAI Alliance represented the buyer and seller in the transaction.

“Our mission at the Nevada Builders Alliance is to create a positive business environment and, honestly, that’s exactly what the Nevada Certified Site Program does — it takes on the heavy lifting and provides a turnkey property for businesses that want to move quick,” Rob McFadden, one of the Managers of CC Builders and vice president of the Nevada Builders Alliance, said.

According to Rob Hooper, executive director for NNDA, “When we established the program, we wanted it to be seamless for the business. We couldn’t have imagined it happening any better than it did. What’s even more impressive, is the type of business that will be coming here to Carson City — a lumber company. Reno Lumber will provide another level of diversity to the mix and also brings with it increased sales tax revenue for the community. That’s something we can all get behind.”

“After looking at several sites in Carson City, the Arrowhead property was the easiest to evaluate,” explained Chris Fleiner, Reno Lumber vice president. “The due diligence that we would have to normally conduct in an acquisition was simplified by the Nevada Certified Site Program. We look forward to supporting the home building industry in Carson City, Lyon and Douglas counties from our new site.”

NAI Alliance Carson City office’s Andie Wilson and Brad Bonkowski represented the property owners in the sale, while Bruce Robertson, NAI Alliance, represented the buyer.

A Nevada Certified Site designation serves as a pre-qualification indicating a property’s title is clear, it possesses sufficient utilities and other infrastructure required for commercial use, is properly zoned and has adequate transportation access for distribution and logistics. NNDA supports the Nevada Certified Sites Program to enhance the region’s appeal to companies not currently located in the region. The goal of the program is to provide a regional inventory of commercial sites that have undergone a rigorous pre-qualification process. More than 40 contiguous acres remain for sale, some of it with potential airport access, some zoned appropriately for MME grow and production, and all with industrial zoning.

“In a nutshell, a Certified Site reduces the risk often associated with development by providing detailed and current information about a site including price and availability, utilities, access, environmental concerns and potential site development challenges,” said Hooper.

Each site certified as part of the NNDA program must participate in a site visit by members of the Certified Sites Review Team, meet or exceed all the program criteria, provide complete and accurate documentation of each program element and receive final certification approval by the Certified Sites Program Committee. Main criteria areas of focus include: property, environmental, transportation, utility and grading and visuals.

For more information on the Nevada Certified Site program or to be involved, visit online or call 775-883-2316


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