Carson City Board of Supervisors to hear Lompa Ranch project developer agreement

The Lompa Ranch developer agreement is on the next Board of Supervisors’ meeting agenda.

The item was scheduled twice before and pulled for further work on a provision negotiated between the developer and the Carson City School District (CCSD) concerning land to build a new elementary school there.

The school district signed off on the agreement language concerning the school site last Tuesday, according to the staff report.

The developer has agreed to pay a $1,000 mitigation fee per dwelling unit to CCSD for the purchase of land for a new school, which will likely be necessitated by the hundreds of dwelling units being built there.

The proposed fee is on top of other charges the developer has agreed to, including a fire mitigation fee for new fire equipment or facilities as needed.

A project to redo Curry Street between Musser and Robinson streets also will come before the board Thursday.

The project is now at 60 percent design completion and the supervisors will vote to allocate $1.336 million from the Infrastructure Tax Fund and $550,000 from the Redevelopment Citizens Committee Fund to pay for it.

The work will rebuild the street’s pavement and sidewalks to match downtown Carson Street, and will include the one block between Carson and Curry streets on each of the five side streets as well as the alley from Telegraph to Spear streets.

The supervisors will hear about a new water discount program for low-income property owners.

The program, developed by a working group headed by Supervisors Karen Abowd and Lori Bagwell, was presented last month to the Utility Finance Oversight Committee, which recommended it to the board.

It would replace an existing program that no longer accepts new applicants and would be paid for through donations made by ratepayers.

The details of how the program would work still are being ironed out and the board will vote whether to direct staff to develop an ordinance to implement the plan.

The supervisors will also hear on second reading an ordinance to raise storm water rates 30 percent for all ratepayers. If approved, the new rates go into effect.

The board will consider a new duties and responsibilities description for the Planning Commission and supplemental application questions for members.

The new description says members must attend a minimum of 75 percent of meetings and if they fail to do the Board of Supervisors can remove them from the commission.

The description also says members must have a demonstrated knowledge of the Carson City Municipal Code Title 18, the development standards in it, and the city’s development process as well as an ability to read drawings, blueprints, and architectural plans.

The board will vote to confirm the appointment of Jason Link to the position of Carson City controller.

Link is the city’s new chief financial officer and replaces Nancy Paulson, who’s now deputy city manager.

The Board of Supervisors meet at 8:30 a.m. in the Sierra Room, Carson City Community Center, 851 E. William St.


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