The Popcorn Stand: The OFD just wants STW

As those of you who choose to read this Popcorn Stand know, this OFD (old fuddy duddy) tries to keep up with all the millennial acronyms and pop culture. The latest acronym I came across was NSFW, which I found out means Not Safe for Work.

This acronym is actually OK with me and is pretty much right up my alley. I do think there should be an unwritten rule all acronyms used to describe what we go through in life should be no more than four letters, so NSFW would be within those guidelines.

Of course I’ve used this space many times to rant about how the technology I use at work and everything in general in society doesn’t really work as well as it should. I’ve used the phrase many times stuff that works, that’s all I want stuff that works.

So since STWTAIWSTW is much too long of an acronym, the OFD will just go with STW. Although I still much prefer Guy Clark’s rendition of “Stuff That Works,” which contains no acronyms and is one of my favorite songs.

It seems like we’re always on the phone or at some kind of place that deals with STDW (stuff that doesn’t work, see I’m getting used to the lingo) in today’s society. It seemed so much simpler when those in the Andy Griffith Show could just go to Emmitt’s Fix It Shop (MLIU, millennials look it up).

Now if you think just one phone call or just a trip to one place is good enough to fix WDW (whatever doesn’t work), fuhgeddaboudit.

Which leads this OFD to the lingo he most uses. JFI! – Just Fix It!

— Charles Whisnand


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