How does air pollution affect our pets?

I’m sure everyone has noticed the polluted air from the ongoing fires in California. I found myself humming the tune “Smoke gets in your eyes” as Watson and I walked around the park. Looking at his eyes I realized he was having the same trouble coping as I was. Yes, smoke gets in your eyes and everywhere.

The negative effects of smog on humans have long been documented. However, scientists are just now exploring the negative effects of air pollution on pets. In a recent study conducted in Mexico City, one of the world’s most polluted areas, they found that the brain structure of dogs exposed to high levels of air pollution showed high levels of inflammation and changes that were similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans.

What about cats? In one study it was determined that one in 10 cats has asthma related to indoor and outdoor pollutants. Cats who lived with people who smoke or burn wood fires were found to have dramatically reduced lung function. In several instances, the cats of very heavy smokers developed lung cancer.

The good news is there are some strategies to help reduce your pet’s exposure to air pollutants. Changing your home’s air filters regularly ensures cleaner air. If you are a smoker, avoid smoking indoors and keep your home as smoke free as possible. Bring your pet indoors especially on low air quality days. Vacuum frequently to remove pet hair and other indoor air pollutants.

Other sources of pollutants are the chemicals you use around the home. Be sure to check the labels for animal-friendly products. I figure that if a product is animal friendly it will be OK for me too. So, until our beautiful blue sky returns, our family will be inside more, and we’ll avoid the smoke. Fallon has the best air quality in Nevada, and hopefully we’ll be back to that soon.


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