TMZ: Tom Cruise in South Lake Tahoe to film scenes for ‘Top Gun’ sequel

Lake Tahoe is apparently in the “danger zone.”

TMZ reported early Monday morning that actor Tom Cruise is in South Lake Tahoe filming the “Top Gun” sequel “Top Gun: Maverick.” Cruise is reportedly on site for two weeks of filming.

“We’re told Tom’s shooting scenes running through the forest,” TMZ reported, citing sources connected to the film’s production. “He’s also shot some dialogue up in the mountains … looking down at the local airport, which is just south of the lake.”

The celebrity and entertainment gossip website posted a video reportedly showing cruise riding a motorcycle down an airport runway. The video was not shot at the Lake Tahoe Airport.

The Tahoe shoot, according to TMZ, is much more intense than the shooting at other locations, “with cameras suspended between trees to capture Tom booking it through the woods, and lots of military aircraft are landing at Lake Tahoe Airport for the shoot.”


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