Letters to the Editor for Dec. 19, 2018

Andersen Ranch development doesn’t abide by Master Plan

Regarding the letter to the editor from Pam and Steve Robinson published on Dec. 12:

I feel these letter writers have missed the point.

We do believe that an owner has the right to develop the land according to the Master Plan and the existing zoning map. However, that is not the case with the Andersen Ranch. First, the owner is not planning to develop the land; they are farming that out to third parties who are not in this county or state and don’t care about Carson City. Second, they are not planning to develop the land according to the Master Plan and the existing zoning map. They have changed all the lot sizes (zoning) and other parts of their plan to suit themselves. They call this a Planned Unit Development (PUD). They have also changed the Master Plan designation of over five acres of the property to a Master Plan designation that is incompatible with surrounding homes.

The letter writers also make no mention of the developers’ plan to make all streets within the development into public streets and transfer the cost of building and maintain these streets to the public of Carson City, thereby enriching the coffers of the developers. They also conveniently forget that as part of the privilege of a PUD, the developers agreed to certain height restrictions and height measurements; they now want to rescind that agreement and offer no mitigation whatsoever. They want to change the phasing plan and give no reason at all for this request. They have moved the community center and requested opening existing dead-end streets to traffic, again for their own convenience without any mitigation.

I believe the letter writers also live on the westside, even further west than I do, so I’m not sure what their reference to “elitist westsiders” is all about. And Pam Robinson has been in real estate for many years, so not quite unbiased.

Maxine Nietz

Carson City


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