Linda Deacy: Nevadans actually benefit from California

In the Nov. 24 edition, I read Vincent Barnes’ letter with dismay. Not because I thought he was wrong, but because I agree with him.

I used to enjoy reading Guy Farmer’s column. I was fascinated by his stories of the foreign service and the travels of he and his family. But something has changed.

Why the constant excoriation of Californians and former Californians? I have lived in Nevada for 35 years. Is there a time limit for how long one has to live here before one really “belongs?” My husband moved here from California when he was 8 years old. Is that long enough to be a “real” Nevadan? My son was born here, so I’m hoping he qualifies as a “real” Nevadan.

And for all of those like-minded “real” Nevadans, would I be correct in assuming you’ve removed California “things” from your life? Your car, of course, because so many cars driven in Nevada were assembled in California.

And, of course, you no longer watch television or go to the movies because those products are created and filmed primarily in California. I’m sure you never attend a Raiders, 49ers, A’s or Giants game. And let’s not forget food. May I assume you’re no longer eating meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, dairy from California? Problematic because of the huge percentage produced in California, but one must sacrifice for one’s cause. And, in spite of your avowed interest in travel, I’m sure none of the beauty of California is viewed by you.

During the recent midterm elections the entire Nevada GOP ran on an anti-California platform. They were thoroughly rejected by the voters. I’ll suggest California and Nevada have been mutually beneficial partners for 170-plus years and that partnership is likely to continue.

Like it or not, voting Nevadans decisively said the politics of division and scorning “others” isn’t today’s Nevada.


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