Carson City Board of Supervisors to inspect restaurant health inspections

A revision of the municipal code for restaurants and other food establishments moves forward at the Board of Supervisors meeting this week.

The changes will revamp the restaurant inspection process, including a switch to a grading card system with prominently displayed placards, and add new regulations for outdoor eating establishments. Supervisors will vote whether to accept a business impact statement on the cost to the restaurants, which will now have to have a certified food protection manager working during all business hours, and hear an ordinance amending the code for the first time.

The board will vote whether to move Mark Salinas, arts and culture director, from the Culture & Tourism Authority to city staff.

Last month, the Culture & Tourism Authority Board of Directors voted to amend its contract with the city, which the supervisors must approve, too.

The director’s salary and benefits would continue to be paid through the 1 percent bump in the transient occupancy tax collected by the authority that funded the new position.

The licensing agreement between the city and Duncan Golf Management, the new operator of the city’s Eagle Valley Golf Course, is on the agenda.

In December, the supervisors selected the management company and authorized a temporary agreement. On Thursday, they’ll vote to approve a 5-year agreement with a 5-year renewal option in year three.

The agreement covers the operations, maintenance, and management of the golf course, and includes a $90,000 annual investment by Duncan toward capital equipment to be owned by the city upon termination of the agreement, and a joint investment by the city and Duncan in capital improvements after year three.

The board will vote whether to adopt two ordinances it first heard at its last meeting. One ordinance changes the process to select members of the Planning Commission. If passed, five commission members will each be nominated by a supervisor and voted on by the entire board, and two members would remain at-large members who apply and interview to be on the commission and are approved by the board. The change would begin as terms of current commissioners expire.

The second ordinance will allow tattoo parlors as a conditional use in retail commercial zones. The businesses are now only allowed in locations zoned limited industrial.

The board will vote to approve a contract not to exceed $674,565 with Devnet Inc., for advanced data systems and property tax and computer-aided mass appraisal system for the Carson City Assessor and Carson City Treasurer.

The Board of Supervisors meets March 1 at 8:30 a.m. in the Sierra Room, Carson City Community Center, 851 E. William St.


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