BlackRidge Technology to present methods for securing commercial blockchain services

Reno-based BlackRidge Technology International, Inc., a provider of next generation cyber defense solutions, presented Jan. 8 on methods for securing commercial blockchain services at the 8th Annual IEEE Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference (CCWC) on January 8-10, 2018 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The IEEE CCWC 2018 presents recent and ongoing research on issues, trends and solutions, from scholars across multiple disciplines, in the fields of computing and communication. "We are honored to present our work with Marist College to protect commercial blockchain applications using BlackRidge's identity-based network security," said Tony Sager, chief technical officer  commercial markets at BlackRidge. "Our novel approach of identity-based, end-to-end security extends from the blockchain client to the server-side application and fabric, providing network segmentation and traffic separation that enables multiple organizations to securely share the same blockchain infrastructure, reduce the risk of DDoS attacks, and facilitate regulatory compliance audits." The IEEE paper, Identity-based Network Security for Commercial Blockchain Services, by Sager, Dr. Casimer DeCusatis, professor Computer Science & Mathematics Department, and Marcus Zimmerman of Marist College, presents joint work to extend the network security of the Hyperledger blockchain platform for commercial use. A fundamental issue with the adoption of blockchain services for commercial use is a lack of authentication, identity management, and nonrepudiation, along with the associated resistance to DDoS attacks. "Marist College's partnership with BlackRidge Technology has led to significant advancements in the field of cyber defense," said  DeCusatis. "We are pleased BlackRidge is presenting our work on securing commercial blockchains, to isolate and protect blockchain services from unauthorized access and cyberattacks, enable cloud-based blockchain services, and form the basis for an adaptive trust blockchain network." BlackRidge Technology (OTCQB: BRTI) provides identity-based cyber defense that stops cyber-attacks and protects against insider threats at the earliest possible time, on the first packet before network sessions are established. This provides the equivalent of secure caller ID for the network that allows only identified and authorized users or devices access to enterprise and cloud systems. Besides presenting the paper, Sager will chair additional sessions at the IEEE CCWC 2018. For more information on the conference presentations, see IEEE CCWC Technical Schedule.


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