Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018

Letter writer seems to know a lot about Trump

In response to the letter by Rick Van Alfen on Jan. 17, Mr. Van Alfen seems to know a lot about President Trump.

How does he know that President Trump doesn’t read or listen and is “semi-illiterate?” Can Mr. Van Alfen explain how Trump became a billionaire if he doesn’t listen and is semi-illiterate? Where did Mr. Van Alfen get the fact-checking information that Trump has lied 2,000 times? How many times did Obama lie? Maybe every time he opened his mouth.

Mr. Van Alfen also seems to know President Trump’s staff. I think Mr. Van Alfen (if he is indeed concerned about truth) should stop listening to CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS and ABC.

Mr. Van Alfen, the United States is a democratic republic (not a democracy), and many of our politicians have, unfortunately, abrogated their oaths of office. One of the worst was president No. 44.

On one idea you are correct, Mr. Van Alfen, 2018 is going to be grand because of President Trump’s policies.

Ray E. Cotham Jr.



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