WNC graduates nurses from Fallon program

Western Nevada College recently graduated a new group of registered nurses from the Fallon campus program.

The new graduates are Marjorie von Nordeck, Heather Weatherford, Rayanne Sorensen, Shawna Craig, Precious Achuff and Desiree Reeves.

The Fallon nursing class is the first class to graduate since the college re-established the Rural Nursing Program in August 2016 following a break of several years.

The nursing graduates said that they were grateful for the Fallon program which allowed them to attend classes close to home and family.

“It was nice, as a single parent to limit my travel and be nearby in case my children needed me,” Weatherford said.

Achuff is a single mother with two young boys and being able to attend classes close to home meant that she could still get her nursing degree.

“I could go to classes and still be the best mom I could be,” she said.

Four of the newly pinned RNs said they are pleased to have accepted nursing positions with Banner Churchill Community Hospital. All of the graduates support the rural nursing program in Fallon and strongly believe it is a huge asset to the community.

Reeves knew she always wanted to work in Fallon and stay close to home and family.

“I enjoyed having the program in Fallon,” she said.

Von Nordeck agreed.

“Having access to higher education in our community is so necessary, not just in nursing, but in all programs,” she said.

Churchill County Commissioner Bus Scharmann congratulated the new nurses.

“I commend the dedication and commitment of these six nursing graduates,” he said. “We are very proud of them and grateful that WNC worked with the county and Banner to bring the Rural Nursing Program back home.”

The Fallon Nurses said they want to thank the community for the continued support of the program. They also thanked all of the nursing faculty at WNC to include Linda Jacks, Elizabeth Carrosco, Elizabeth Cordero, Molly Davisson, Debra Drew-Goodman, Lisa Dunkelberg, Mary Foraker, edda Gibson, Sarina Gould, Deborah Ingraffia-Strong, Kimbirli Macchiaverna, Christine O’Connor, Aristotle Onas, Heather Reardon, Mary Sellars and the director of Nursing and Allied Health, Dr. Judith Cordia.

Eight students will start their second year of the Rural Nursing Program this fall. Selection of the next group of first year nursing students is currently underway.

Go to www.wnc.edu/location/fallon to learn more about the WNC Fallon campus.


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