The Popcorn Stand: Who loves puppies?

Today is National Puppy Day, so of course I couldn’t pass up the chance to write about my two adorable puppies, Pete the Shi Tzu and Tuf Tuf (you know Sir Tuffington something or other) the Jack Russell.

Of course Pete and Tuf Tuf aren’t puppies, although many times they still act like puppies. Other times they act like grumpy old men, which is understandable since Pete will be 11 in August and Tuf Tuf will turn 14 in November.

Tuf Tuf is more like a puppy than Pete even though Tuf Tuf is older than Pete. But I can see some of Tuf Tuf rub off on Pete and some of Pete rub off on Tuf Tuf.

Pete is still the king of the house as we’ve had Pete a lot longer than Tuf Tuf and Pete sort of just tolerates Tuf Tuf, but I can tell there are times Pete thinks of Tuf Tuf like a little brother even though Pete is older. And Tuf Tuf looks up to Pete like an older brother even though he’s older.

Of course today is all about adopting a puppy for yourself so you can have the joy of having little (or big) ones part of your family like Pete and Tuf Tuf. There are plenty of resources to help you out in your effort to adopt a puppy, including our local National Humane Society here in Carson City.

Everybody loves puppies, I don’t think anyone can make the love of puppies sound bad except for “Ominous Announcer Guy,” you know that narrator we’ll keep hearing throughout this political season in those commercials bad mouthing evil opponent. “Mr. Good Guy’s opponent loves puppies. Who loves puppies?”

But outside of Ominous Announcer Guy, nobody can make the love of puppies sound bad.

And no matter how old they get as my two little guys have shown all dogs are puppies at heart,

— Charles Whisnand


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