Local store leading ‘I Don’t Work for Sears’ campaign

Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Inc. launched its “I Don’t Work For Sears, I Own This Place” national campaign to further establish its company identity at its annual convention on Jan. 23. Carson City owner Brian Stoneman is now continuing the campaign within his community, hoping to further educate community members of the company’s local ownership and small-town atmosphere.

“I’m excited to promote my experience as a small business owner, and explain how Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Inc. has supported my store along the way,” said Stoneman. “Sears Hometown offers a high-level of customer service that reflects strong values and commitment to building ties within the community. Being an independent store, we’re able to customize our service to every community member who walks into the store,”

Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores are a separate entity from Sears Holdings, with a license to use the Sears name. As an independent retailer, Sears Hometown and Outlet gives individuals the opportunity to open their own small-town appliance, lawn and garden and hardware showroom, making the dream of becoming a small business owner accessible. It also allows for better service for customers and a stronger ability to meet and anticipate needs, network with community organizations and spearhead fundraising efforts for needs in the community.

“Sears Hometown gave me the opportunity to be a small business owner to a company that has become part of the local community,” said Stoneman. “A large part of my job is interacting with and getting to know the needs of the community, and it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience. Being a local business with a national brand allows me the opportunity to do some of the things locally that would otherwise never happen from a national chain, like being able to sponsor local Little League teams or working one on one with local contractors outfitting the new homes they’re building. It’s a different concept but one that I’ve found works extremely well as we’re able to give the service of a small-town local business with access to a very large amount of inventory from Sears Hometown and Outlet stores. We aren’t going anywhere, we will be part of this community for many years to come.”

For information about Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores, Inc., go to www.shos.com. To learn about the opportunity to own and operate a store format, go to www.ownasearsstore.com.


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