Past Pages for Thursday, March 29, 2018

150 Years Ago

A member of a certain Legislature who indulged himself in naps, asked a friend to awaken him when the subject of the “lumber law” came up. His friend forgot to wake him, but happened to jog him just as the House was discussing a bill to prevent “fraud.” The old sleepyhead started, rubbed his eyes, and exclaimed, “Mr. Speaker, a word or two on this bill, for more than half of my constituents get their living in no other way.”

140 Years Ago

Annual tour: Beggars have commenced their annual tour. One of them walked into one of our banks, showed his little supplication card, and the banker threw him a half dollar. The fellow then turned around and had a $20 roll of silver changed for a $20 gold piece. That rather got to our friend the banker.

130 Years Ago

The first tourist: The first tourist, E. E. Bedee from Boston, went up to that great summer resort. He has been on the coast all winter and was about to return home, but before he did so he resolved to view the beauty and majesty of Lake Tahoe. He secured a team and driver at Truckee and started out so that they could travel over the frozen snow, there the sleigh capsized several times. When the fourth turnover happened, the horses broke loose and ran away. Mr. Bedee made the rest of the trip on foot. He is now at the lake enjoying himself by boat riding and fishing. The weather at the lake is charming, and although there is snow on the ground, it is even now a pleasurable resort.

100 Years Ago

The circus: The town is covered with gay posters announcing the coming of the greater Norris and Row circus.

70 Years Ago

Pyramid Lake Trout: It is hoped the trout population can be restored to Pyramid Lake. Experiments are being designed to determine if artificially reared trout are able to live in the alkaline waters of the lake.

20 Years Ago

Classified real estate ads: Unfurnished houses for rent — one-bedroom doll house. Looking for Barbie or Ken, large living room, nook, utility room, oversized bedroom, fenced yard, auto sprinklers $500 a month. No pets.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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