Press on toward the goal of knowing Jesus

Paul told the Christians at Philippi to press on toward the goal of knowing Christ Jesus. He said they should imitate him and keep their eyes on those who walk according to the example they’ve seen. I’m thankful for some believers I’ve known for years. I’ve worshipped with them. I’ve prayed with them. I’ve served with them. I’ve watched them. I’ve listened to them. I’ve learned from them. Some of them are talkers and some of them are just quiet believers who are faithful servants. I’m thankful for believers I can mimic. They’re Godly but not perfect examples.

Disappointments attack the believer — defeats come — depression comes in waves — mental illness attacks — chronic illness, and yet the believer is challenged to never give up. We’re to run the race to win the prize. We’re to run in such a way that we may know Jesus Christ more and more. We’re challenged to run with aim. Paul says we’re to mimic believers who are in the race of the Christian life. One of the reasons why you hang around a church family is to see the example of believers. One of the reasons why you stay with a church family over the long haul is to see Jesus in people. Jesus is working in people. Jesus is changing people. Jesus is using people. Find a Christian you can mimic. Find a Christian you can observe how they walk with God. Don’t find someone you like. You’ll never find someone who’s perfect. Find someone who’s running for the prize of knowing Christ more and more. When your comfort is less important to you than becoming more and more like Jesus Christ you’ll accomplish much for Christ in this life.

Ben Fleming is the pastor of Silver Hills Community Church.


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