Carson Rifle and Pistol Club limits hours for safety

Carson City and the Carson Rifle and Pistol Club have been notified of several incidents involving the likelihood of stray bullets entering into populated areas and originating from the discharge of firearms at the range, creating a risk of injury or death to members of the public.

Additional occurrences have also been independently observed and verified by city employees and the Rifle and Pistol Club. Based on this information and at the mutual agreement of the city and the Rifle and Pistol Club, a temporary winter schedule and partial closure of the range has been in place to assess safety measures, perform maintenance and conduct other improvements to the facility, effective Nov. 12 and until further notice.

The city has requested the assistance of the National Rifle Association Range Technical Team to evaluate the facility and provide solutions. The NRA understands the urgency of this matter and is in the process of assigning a range technical team advisor to conduct a thorough safety assessment. It’s the intention to get the facility back open and fully operational as soon as possible.

During the temporary winter schedule, the club will arrange for the presence of range safety officers on the long range (rifle line) and short range (pistol line) on weekends, so those ranges may remain safely open for the public. If additional range safety officers become available, the private bays will be open for drop-in use, otherwise the private bays will be available by reservation only.

Carson City and the Rifle and Pistol Club recognize the inconvenience presented by the temporary winter schedule, but are also certain responsible gun owners understand the necessity of conducting a safety assessment to avoid harm to the public. The city and the club appreciate the public’s cooperation in ensuring a safe rifle and pistol range.

Winter hours will be 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays and Sunday, with the entire range available, but private-bays availability pending.

On Mondays through Fridays, private bays will be available by reservation only. No drop ins will be accepted. All military and law enforcement training previously scheduled will continue.

The Carson Rifle and Pistol Range is located on the south end of Rifle Range Road. Cost is free.

To become a range safety officer email For group reservations/scheduling information visit Insurance required for group use.


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