Reno Judge Weller appeals punishment for sexist comment

District Judge Charles Weller of Reno has appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court to overturn the disciplinary action imposed on him for making a sexist remark that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and bedroom.

His notice of appeal was filed last Friday with the court after the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline issued a public reprimand, a $2,500 fine, ordered him to take a course on procedures and to make apologies to three women who were at the Washoe County Domestic Violence Task Force meeting in 2017.

The judicial commission said the comment was improper and deeply offensive to the women.

Weller maintained the comment was directed about the feeling of federal officials who were considering reducing a grant to Washoe County. And he says his remarks were misinterpreted by those present. He’s a member of the task force.


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