The Popcorn Stand: How Nevadans will spend this HallowThanksMas season

I just received an email from covering what will be the shopping habits of Nevadans this HalloThanksMas season.

My first reaction when receive this email was what took so long as we’re already well past mid-October. I mean I’ve already been seeing those commercials on how those artificial Christmas trees make everything so traditional. In October.

I keep referring to this on how I watched the entire telecast of the 1973 USC-UCLA football game, commercials, included, on YouTube. The game was played two days after Thanksgiving. During the entire telecast there was one commercial that mentioned anything about Christmas shopping.

I also remember writing a Black Friday story for the Porterville (Calif.) Recorder in 1993. I didn’t head out to the stores until Friday afternoon, there was a handful of people shopping, and the gist of the story was why were people out shopping early the day after gorging themselves on Thanksgiving?

But now in mid-to-late October it’s almost too late to talk about HallowThanksMas shopping, so here’s some tidbits from

Where have I been? Black Friday and Cyber Monday have now become Cyber Week, a term I’ve never heard of, but I’m sure has been around at least for several years. But even Cyber Week is now way too late for people to start their HallowThanksMas shopping.

According to (I think they need to change their name, Black Friday is really an outdated term), the average shopper is going to spend $625 on HallowThanksMas gifts. That seems like a lot to me.

But Nevada’s consumers are really leading the way. According to, 31 percent of Nevada consumers are planning on spending $1,200 or more on HallowThanksMas gifts.

I guess the idea, though, of HallowThanksMas being spread out over two months is so people can spread out their spending. Nineteen percent of Nevada consumers say they’ll start their HallowThanksMas shopping in early November. did say, though, nationwide most men will wait until December to do their HallowThanksMas shopping. We’re such procrastinators.

But 41 percent of Nevada consumers say they won’t spend any money on Black Friday and 29 percent say they’ll spend less than $400. On Cyber Monday, 43 percent won’t spend any money and 35 percent plan to spend less than $400.

However, 22 percent of Nevada consumers say they’ll do some HallowThanksMas shopping on Cyber Monday during their work hours.

Happy HallowThanksMas shopping everybody. For more, visit

— Charles Whisnand


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