Pet adoption event held by Coldwell Banker

On Oct. 13, Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate and Nevada Humane Society hosted a pet adoption event alongside hundreds of Coldwell Banker offices and animal shelters around the country for the Coldwell Banker “Homes for Dogs” National Adoption Weekend.

Four adult dogs, including a senior, and an adult cat were adopted. There was only one hiccup including a cat that escaped that had to be re-trapped safely by animal control. Overall, the adoption drive was a huge success thanks to generous public support.

Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate and Lyon County Animal Shelter also hosted a pet adoption. Four cats were adopted, two interested parties attended shelters to look at available dogs for donations, $100 in donations, and a pickup truck full of supplies were on hand. With more than 50 in attendance, the annual pet adoption drive was a great success.

Minden’s Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate and Douglas Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) also held a pet adoption.

Six dogs were adopted resulting in the largest one-day adoption event DAWG has had in four years. Yogurt Beach treats, frisbees, and giveaways for new dog owners were handed out. More than 60 people were in attendance and there were plenty of happy dogs and dog owners.

Shele Pandl, managing broker of Minden’s Coldwell Banker Select, said, “The public has been incredible with their outpouring of support. This is one of the most heartwarming fun things I’ve done in a long time so thank you all for the support.”


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