Planning Commission divided on South Carson rezoning

The Planning Commission on Wednesday split a vote to rezone property in south Carson City near the I-580 interchange.

The commission voted 3-2 to recommend to the Board of Supervisors the zoning change on two properties, one on Appion Way and another on Patrick Street.

The adjacent properties are now split zoned retail commercial and single-family 1 acre, and the recommendation is to make the parcels all retail commercial, in line with the city’s master plan, which designates the area community/regional commercial.

Commissioners Alex Dawers, the commission’s new member, and Hope Tingle voted no. Paul Esswein, Teri Green-Preston, and Mark Sattler voted yes, and Charles Borders and Elyse Monroy were absent.

The applicant for the change is C.W. Clark, Inc., a developer who has a building permit for a 2,000 square foot Chick-Fil-A franchise and is planning to build another 6,000 square-foot building for retail on 2.5 acres at the corner of Appion Way and Cochise Street.

Last month, Craig Clark, president of C.W. Clark Inc., said plans are to build a 110-room hotel at the site that requires rezoning.

Six nearby residents spoke during public comment, concerned that continued development in the area will add traffic, impact the value of their houses, and possibly force them to hook up to city sewer if the project extends the sewer line near their properties, which are all on septic.

Stephen Pottéy, senior project manager, Public Works, said existing properties wouldn’t be required to hook up. And the house currently on one of the parcels can continue to be used as a residence even if the land’s zoning changes to commercial.

Residents also said area development, which includes the 370-unit Carson Hills Apartments now under construction near the Galaxy Fandango movie theater and a smaller project on the drawing board, is too dense to back up to single-family 1 acre.

Chris Baker, Manhard Consulting, representing the applicant, said this was the first step in the process and promised to meet with nearby residents to hear their concerns.

Lee Plemel, director, Community Development, said the zoning change would go the supervisors for a vote on Oct. 18.

The commission also voted to recommend a tentative subdivision map for 204 single-family houses on 58.5 acres within the Lompa Ranch North Specific Plan Area at the east end of Robinson Street, west of Highway 395, and north of Fifth Street.

The project is the second phase of a Lompa Ranch development that already includes 189 houses on 44.5 acres.

The developer agreement requires the developer to pay two, $1,000 impact fees per unit. One fee is to pay for fire or other additional city services and the second one is earmarked to pay for a 10-acre site for the Carson City School District to build a school.

The commission voted to recommend another tentative map for 18 condo hangars at the Carson City Airport. The developer plans to build three buildings, each with three units, each unit roughly 3,000 square feet.


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