Letters to the Editor for April 20, 2019

Abolish minimum wage

The government has no business setting a minimum wage. Wages should be controlled by supply and demand.

There are many teenagers who would like to earn a little spending money. There are also many mentally and physically challenged persons who are not worth minimum wage and have nothing to do and feel worthless. There are many simple jobs they could be doing as well as anyone. Producers could make things cheaper. We could all buy things cheaper. Everyone would benefit. Heads of households generally have more experience and knowledge and earn more than minimum wage.

Minimum wage only raises prices and puts persons out of work.

Lester J. Harris


Thank you President Trump

Wow, another April 15 (Tax Day) has come and gone. The ultra left is again complaining that President Trump has given the store away to the rich corporate business moguls, and stuck it to the middle class. I’m a middle class retired person who served the U.S. government and the state of Nevada for 28 years. I haven’t gotten a federal tax refund for 10 years. This year using the same legal tax deductions as I have used over those past 10 years I received a tax refund from the IRS for over $1,000. Thank you POTUS for your tax reform that put it to the middle class.

To change the subject, POTUS wants to send the so called refugee/asylum seekers on our southern border to the sanctuary cities/states that claim to be the compassionate folks who want open borders. These compassionate folks are now screaming, “Not in my backyard.”

Gimmee a break hypocrites.

George Gerlach



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