The Popcorn Stand: With words, 'United We Stan'

The old fuddy duddy tries to keep up with the latest lingo, so every year it’s with great anticipation I look forward to Merriam-Webster’s list of words it’s added to its dictionary. Merriam-Webster recently completed the latest task of its addition of words and it has added 640 words. And it’s good to know one of the great linguists of our time is Eminem. Yes the rapper is responsible for one of the words Merrian-Webster has finally added, although I say finally, because Merrian-Webster and myself were quite slow when it came to catching on to this word. And even though the word has been around for 19 years, I admit it’s a word I’ve never heard of before. Eminem came out with ‘Stan’ in 2000 and when I saw the phrase “we stan” as in “we stan that person,” my first though was obviously how lazy has this society become when we can’t even spell out “stand.” My first inclination was to think that saying was a different take on “we can’t stand that person” as in “we stan that person” or we sort of put up with someone. But no “we stan that person” is pretty much the new fashioned way of stating the old fashioned way that you idolize someone. There’s also “buzzy” which as I understand is pretty much the new fashioned way of stating the old fashioned way that someone is hyper. These latest bunch of words now join Millennial classics as “rando,” “adorbs” and “fav” as official words. Whatever happened to “gnarly” and “righteous?” So I hope you won’t be a snowflake when I tell you you’re buzzy because that actually means I really can stan you. What did I just say? — Charles Whisnand


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