Letters to the Editor for July 31, 2019

Liberal Democrats swaying reader’s opinion toward Trump’s favor

Well, our favorite liberal Democrat is at it again. This time, instead of just writing a letter to the editor, he wrote a whole guest column. I must say he is getting kind of scary, though. A great many dictators throughout history have spoken like he did in his column. “You must believe what I tell you or you are the worst human being this country has ever seen,” he intimated. “If you don’t denounce President Trump and everything he has ever said or done, you are as bad as he is,” says our favorite liberal Democrat. This from the man who claims that he wants to be the great educator to “teach” us all the real truth. Sorry, “Teach,” but I am going to skip any classes put on by a guy who has been wrong for over two years. Our favorite liberal is the one who told us, without any doubt, that after completion of the Mueller investigation, President Trump was going to be impeached and then imprisoned. Well, Mr. Van Alfen, what happened? You know, most people with common sense, when finding themselves in a hole, would quit digging. Not liberal Democrats, though; their answer is to go out and buy more shovels. Perhaps while you are on the shopping trip you might want to get an extension ladder, also. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016. I voted for “none of these candidates.” But liberal Democrats like you are certainly pushing me in his direction in 2020.

David Knighton

Carson City

Excessive use of euphemisms will be harmful

Euphemism: n. 1. Substitution of a mild or indirect word or phrase for a blunter one.

“Gun control” is a euphemism used by those wanting control of people they fear and want disarmed. “Abortion” is a euphemism for the premeditated murder of preborn children. “Gay” is a euphemism for sodomy, which our creator calls an abomination and a capital crime. “Interest” is a euphemism for usury, which is the sorcery of getting something from nothing. “Antisemitism” is a euphemism for correctly positing Israel is not synonymous with Israelite.

When used by oligarchs (read: politicians), euphemisms are stock-in-trade deceptions expressly designed to maintain and increase power and control over those they believe inferior to themselves. Our allowing rampant use of euphemisms is destructive.

Leonard R. Schmidt

Carson City

Politicians should mind where they stand on moral grounds

Democrats, such as Daniel Schlenger, have some nerve condemning President Trump on moral grounds when all of their candidates raise their hands for killing babies at the moment of birth and beyond, and promote lawlessness at the border and in their cities. They might be a little less hypocritical if they condemned the anti-Semitic rants of their congresswomen and the fascist like violence of Antfa.

Tom Ruhoff

Carson City


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