From Massachusetts to Carson City: NV Auto Body has new owners

NV Auto Body is under new ownership. From left are Owner Scott Carey, employee Brooks Hutchins, and co-owner Susan Maroc.

NV Auto Body is under new ownership. From left are Owner Scott Carey, employee Brooks Hutchins, and co-owner Susan Maroc.

CARSON CITY, Nev. — Contrary to popular belief, not all new residents relocating to Carson City come from that huge state just west of us.

Some travel as far as 2,888 miles to create new beginnings in a community they only passed through on their way to a Yosemite.

Another myth often touted is that most who relocate here are aged 65 plus retirees looking for a better quality of life in a state/community where they can pay less taxes.

Scott Carey and Susan Maroc are myth busters. They traveled the 2,888 miles from Marlborough, Mass., in October to begin a new life and bring their expertise in automotive body repair focusing on restoration of the 1960's muscle cars.

Though they may be enjoying a reduction in stress and certainly paying less taxes than they did in a state often referred to as Taxachusetts, they chose Carson City for other reasons.

There are many communities between Marlborough and Carson City they could have chosen.

The two are in their mid-50's and excited to begin a new journey in a community they have already come to love.

As serendipity would have it, they became Nevadans and part of the Carson City business community when they signed the final papers to become the new owners of NV Auto Body on the most important day in Nevada's history.

On Oct. 31 — the official Nevada Day — they received the keys to the business and have been finding their way ever since.

How did they settle on Carson City? Taking a break from their busy lives in Marlborough, they decided a road trip was in order. They packed up their RV a year ago to tour the national parks.

Carey had never traveled much beyond Massachusetts thus this trip was quite a change from his comfort zone. Little did either think the journey would be life changing.

On their way to Yosemite, the couple decided to stop in Carson City for lunch and in Maroc's words, “We thought the city was cute.”

After the trip, they decided it was time to start their own business — somewhere. Perusing Craig's List, a fateful ad caught their attention.

NV Auto Body, located by the airport in Carson City, was looking for a buyer. They remembered Carson City as a desirable place. As Maroc stated, “It seemed fate was drawing us here.”

For 38 years, Carey had worked in the family auto body shop in Newton, Mass., and Maroc had worked there for 10 years, buying and selling real estate on the side.

Carey's passion is working on classic cars, most especially 1960's Chevys, restoring them to their former glory. Learning the trade while a part of the family-owned 5-star rated shop, he knew he could be an asset in this growing area that is known for the love of classic cars.

The couple didn't just want to buy the business, they wanted to buy the land and building, and once negotiations were completed, they packed up their dog and belongings and headed west.

NV Auto Body is a full- service certified body shop, and Carey hopes to put his personal stamp on the business through his restoration work.

As Maroc asserts, “Scott knows what he is doing when it comes to restoring classic cars and his dream is to work on the classic Chevys he so loves.”

They retained former employee Brooks Hutchins and work with various insurance agencies.

What do they like most since relocating here two months ago? The relaxed atmosphere and the residents they have met through socializing their dog at Sonoma Dog Park.

They love the many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and like the small town feel and hope to be able to join in community activities once they settle into their new home and business. Most especially, they are looking forward to milder winters.

As Maroc states, “We are excited to begin exploring the area and being a part of our new community.”

NV Auto Body is located at 2344 Conestoga Drive and can be reached by calling 775-882-0778.


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