Pioneer High students take ski trip

Pioneer students participated in a ski trip.

Pioneer students participated in a ski trip.

According to the poet Robert Frost, “You can’t get too much winter in the winter.” Pioneer High School students understand this sentiment quite well.

On Wednesday, 11 students and two staff members ventured up to Squaw Valley for the first school ski trip of the season. If the smiles on the students’ faces were any indication, then the trip was indeed a success.

PHS collaborates with Project Discovery and SkiDUCK to provide students with opportunities to hit the slopes. For the majority of the students, it was a first-time experience. The PHS ski program provides an incentive for students to do well in school. In fact, students who attend ski trips regularly and meet eligibility requirements can earn high school credit for P.E.

The lessons learned on the mountain, though, go beyond school credits and ski fundamentals. Participants in the program learn many lessons about rising to challenges. Trying a new and challenging sport can help students build the confidence to try new challenges in academics. After reflecting on these skiing and academic challenges, students set goals they’re ready to work on. For a number of students, these trips spark an interest in a new hobby.

Cherish Creon, a junior, enjoyed the experience so much she can’t wait to make skiing a regular part of her life. She says when she’s skiing down the mountain she feels, “so free” and forgets her worries. The PHS ski program is a great opportunity for students to learn life lessons in the outdoors.


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