Carson City man named Veteran of the Month

A Carson City man and the Northern Nevada All Veteran Honor Guard/Color Guard were honored Wednesday at the Capitol’s Old Assembly Chambers for their countless hours of service of going beyond the call of duty.

U.S. Air Force veteran James Glaser has been actively involved with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Chapter 7. Kat Miller, director of the Nevada Department of Veterans Services, recognized Glaser as February’s Veteran of the Month.

“He’s done a lot for our community,” Miller said. “He’s collected thousands of dollars to help our veterans in need.“

Miller said Glaser has made numerous trips taking veterans to their medical appointments, helped organize Thanksgiving raffles for the Nevada National Guard and facilitated the delivery of meals and assisted the Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program by spending hundreds of hours helping veterans with mobility problems.

“He’s the primary cook with the DAV Chapter 7 and he takes any extra meals from their functions to the local FISH (Friends In Service Helping) organization to help those in need,” Miller added.

Glaser said in his remarks that he’s also assisting veterans to access mental health facilities and to ensure veterans are not homeless and are not without food or proper clothing. He encouraged those in attendance to work with their local mental health facilities and become a part of the treatment team.

The NDVS director said the Northern Nevada All Veteran Honor Guard/Color Guard, February’s Veteran Supporter of the Month, has been instrumental in honoring the state’s veterans by ensuring they are laid to rest with the proper military honors. Miller said the Carson City-based honor guard also participates in numerous civic events including parades, rodeos and to remind all Nevadans of the service and sacrifices of veterans.

“They travel in Northern Nevada and parts of California to perform duties at no expense to the families and to just make things better,” she said.

Newly-elected Gov. Steve Sisolak attended his first Veterans of the Month ceremony. He expanded on Glaser’s contributions of helping perform errands for his fellow veterans and for his commitment, not only during his 21 years in the Air Force but also in the community.

“Veterans have put their lives and the lives of their family on hold while serving their nation,” he said.

Sisolak also thanked the Northern Nevada All Veteran Honor Guard/Color Guard for helping veterans across the state and their service to the nation.

“They ensure our veterans are always properly honored,” he said.

William Baumann, chairman of the Veterans Services Commission, presented a pin to Glaser and coins to the honor guard members.

James “Jim” Jackson of Dayton, commander of the honor guard, praised many of his members who attended the ceremony.

“What we do is important not to us but to the families we serve,” he said. “I couldn’t do what I do as commander without the fine gentlemen you see here before you.”

Jackson said any veteran who’s interested in joining the honor guard or individuals who want to donate to the group may contact him at 209-740-7146 or


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