NNBV Social Buzz: 3 ways to take content marketing seriously in 2019

Brook Bentley

Brook Bentley

The year 2019 is fully underway, which means it is time to think about how serious you want to get about your content marketing efforts.

Technology is expanding, and consumers and marketers alike are becoming savvier at how to use it. This means the environment to grab a consumer’s attention is becoming even more competitive for brands.

Content provides the opportunity for a brand to connect with its customer. Connecting with an audience in an authentic way beyond only selling can deepen trust and relationships. This humanizing connection with content is important in a world of communication that is pretty much always on and always connected.

So, what are some ways to be sure content remains king for your brand’s digital and social worlds?

1. Leverage a content marketing plan

If you don’t already have one, now is a great time to create one. If you do already have one, does it align with your business’ goals? Something to consider when creating a content plan is how it will help achieve business goals.

It is about finding that sweet spot where you can create and publish content that benefits your audience in a meaningful way while working towards your business’ goals as well.

The Content Marketing Institute’s digital content marketing stats show that 72 percent of marketers say content marketing increases engagement. In addition, 72 percent say it has increased the number of leads.

Content calendars encourage planning ideas and opportunities for content that will engage your audience. This type of content can range from simple social media posts announcing upcoming events to more robust content, such as video or podcast episodes sharing information about your brand or industry.

Wrapping it all into a content plan helps keep focus and direction as other important areas of business take your focus throughout the year.

2. Say no to clickbait, seriously

Original and relevant content is much more powerful with consumers than reworded content. It might sound time-consuming to create your own content, but the statistics speak for themselves.

Algorithm changes across social media have also contributed to the downfall in the effectiveness of clickbait-style headlines and listicles. If you’re short on ideas or time, don’t be afraid to consider bringing on some help for this task.

Both people with intent to buy and decision-makers are becoming increasingly better at spotting clickbait because what they are after is real content that answers their question and feels trustworthy.

With this comes respect for time. Satisfying reads (filled with information a user finds valuable) will be rewarded with shares and reach.

3. Try new things, and abandon what doesn’t work

If you haven’t considered using video in your marketing efforts, make 2019 the year. There might be other good formats for your brand that you haven’t tried yet, and you should make 2019 the year for those, too.

Taking content format into consideration can make all the difference in reaching your audience. If you are mostly doing long-form content, test out shorter bite-size formats (think: Instagram Stories).

If you’ve got your short format dialed in, test out longer-form written content (think: blog posts) that can help with SEO and website traffic.

Here is the catch: Don’t just do it to do it. Be sure the content is original and relevant. This will help it to be a success. If you aren’t sure about the relevant part, revisit your content plan and the goals associated with that. This is where planning out a solid content strategy that attracts, engages and serves is helpful. It is helpful because it not only keeps the business goal in mind, it allows for creativity and trial of new formats. Really, the main thing to remember when trying new formats is that it is providing value to your audience.

Overall, content matters a lot for your brand, and that is not going to change this year. What might change is the format of that content to reach your desired audience.

Looking for more guidance when it comes to all things social media management and content? Contact me for a free social media audit for your business.

Brook Bentley is the Social Media and Content Manager at Sierra Nevada Media Group, which publishes the Northern Nevada Business View. You can contact her at bbentley@swiftcom.com.


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