NNBV Publisher's Column: I am here to serve the Northern Nevada business community

Dawn Gowery

Dawn Gowery

Hello — My name is Dawn Gowery, and as of Jan. 1, I am the publisher of the Northern Nevada Business View.

Many of you may be saying, “Egads — not another NNBV publisher.” I think that in the last four years, the NNBV has had five publishers. Like you, I was a bit leery of that track record, and I can't promise I will be here forever either. The only thing each one of us can count on consistently is change. Yet, in saying that, it is nice when we can do business with the same person for several years.

The good news is that NNBV Editor Kevin MacMillan, Business Development Manager Melissa Saavedra, and Reporter Kaleb Roedel are still here, and have been with the NNBV and/or Swift Communications for years — nearly 12 for Kevin, eight for Melissa and three for Kaleb.

Some of you may know and remember me — I am the woman who created Healthy Beginnings Magazine, with our first issue publishing August 2006. The Northern Nevada Business Weekly (as it was known then) published an article on HB magazine and me when I was in the launching stage, back in April 2006.

I created HB from the ground floor up, with a great team, and I was a hands-on manager of Healthy Beginnings for over eight years before selling it to Swift Communications in February 2015.

This past August, Swift hired me to perform a satisfaction survey, and I found that while both NNBV and HB offer quality and valuable local and regional content, the administrative side of the company fell short on follow-through and customer service. For a company to take accountability, admit to its shortcomings, and commit to fixing what has gone astray takes courage and strength. This is where I come in as publisher of NNBV.

My educational degree is in Mass Communications, specializing in advertising, marketing, publishing, branding, public speaking, business development and relationship sales. I welcome you to review my LinkedIn profile @dawnehlersgowery to learn more about me.

Throughout my career, clients and customers have respected my integrity and my commitment toward working with them to meet and exceed their business needs and goals. Life is a journey, one built on the positive relationships we cultivate along the way. I believe in customer service and the five Ps: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

All I can promise you is that I will do my best and give 110 percent to growing and maintaining NNBV as an integral part of the Northern Nevada community.

Reno is a wonderful place to live, work and play, and it enjoys an exceptional business climate. We at the Northern Nevada Business View want to partner with you to become your No. 1 resource for promoting premier business development leaders, companies that are on the leading edge of growth and advertisers who want to reach and target NNBV's influential business demographic.

This includes — but certainly is not limited to — industry leaders in entrepreneurship, construction, manufacturing, real estate, education, entertainment and recreation, finance, healthcare, hospitality, retail sales, gaming, mining and, of course, technology.

Our job as Northern Nevada's only B2B news magazine is to report engaging business news, promote top business achievements and promote business services, keeping them top of mind to our readers and viewers.

We do that by working to grow your market share via print, digital and social media platforms, in addition to specialty/niche products and NNBV Events, to get you the greatest exposure throughout Northern Nevada, the Lake Tahoe region, Northern California and beyond.

I'd like to offer a sincere and grateful thank you to all of the NNBV's sponsors, advertisers, subscribers and readers — if it were not for you, we would not be here.

You may contact me any time at publisher@nnbusinessview.com — I am here to be of service to you.

Dawn Gowery is publisher of the Northern Nevada Business View and Healthy Beginnings. She may be reached for comment at publisher@nnbusinessview.com.


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