Letters to the Editor for July 6, 2019

Tax can’t hit our wallets

Many people are not familiar with the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) which will affect Nevadans and small businesses if Congress does not take action. HIT is a tax collected by the government on health care premiums and has been delayed until next year. As it is, we have a constant burden of finding reliable and affordable health care. HIT would increase insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars next year, if it is not stopped. Our elected officials have the ability to make sure this tax does not “hit” our wallets.

The Health Insurance Relief Act is a bipartisan bill that has 100 co-sponsors which would delay this tax by two years. This would allow time for Congress to work on a common sense solution. Rep. Mark Amodei has signed on to co-sponsor this relief bill. Please contact his office and thank him for his continued efforts on behalf of Nevadans.

Jan Muzzy



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