Letters to the Editor for July 20, 2019

Senior citizens’ lives do matter

Have you ever observed someone violate a traffic law and you said, “Where’s a law enforcement officer when you need one?” Me, too, but not this morning, July 17.

About 5:40 a.m., I was wearing my blinking red LED lights device on my right wrist. At the intersection of South Carson and Fifth streets, I pressed the pedestrian button to cross South Carson from the west side to the east side. Within a couple of seconds, the light changed for Fifth Street traffic and the “Walk” light for pedestrians to cross the intersection.

As I walked across South Carson, I observed a dark SUV traveling from east to west on Fifth approaching the intersection. There was a second SUV stopped heading north on South Carson at the intersection. I was in the middle of the intersection near the second SUV’s left front fender when the first SUV turned south at the intersection. The first SUV did not stop or slow as he turned south on South Carson. The first SUV came within 2 feet of me as I turned to watch him in disbelief. He drove as if senior citizens’ lives don’t matter.

By the time I was almost on the east sidewalk of South Carson, the second SUV had a Carson City sheriff’s deputy behind the wheel, thank you, God! My hero turned on all his red and blue lights, made a 180-degree turn and was quickly behind the first SUV. They pulled into the closed Arco gas station on West Seventh Street.

I had to restraint myself from crossing South Carson Street and, to quote Dr. Phil to the miscreant, “What were you thinking?” Thank you, Carson City’s sheriff deputies, “Senior citizens’ lives do matter!”

Ken Beaton

Carson City

Why is there a deficit in the street maintenance budget?

I’m sure, like me, most people here in town were a bit stunned by the street maintenance price tag quoted by Supervisors Bonkowski and Bagwell. Friends and family have asked me why that price is so high.

Rather than try to respond without the facts, I paid a visit to the Public Works Office and spoke with three of the staff there. While the staff were not sure of the formula the supervisors used to reach the figure they did give me some insights as to what they believe the costs to be.

I also asked about the 5 cent gas tax funds which were to be used to pay for the freeway bypass. The reason that tax is still being charged is because the city and the state worked out a compromise to the plan. The city would take over those portions of the state highways that go through town, in lieu of paying for the bypass. I would encourage the BOS to consider increasing that tax, as there has not been an increase to it in 20 years, along with imposing a diesel tax in order to fund the necessary street maintenance. I would also encourage people to go out and talk to the folks at Public Works if you need a more complete, clear picture about why we are facing a deficit in the streets maintenance budget.

Hope Tingle

Carson City


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