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Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.

Carson City looking north from the top of the Capitol building in 1871.


150 years ago

The Legislative Ball Comes off tonight. Judging from what we have seen of preparations of the Honorables intend to do the thing up in the most gorgeous fashion. It will be doubtless be a very brilliant entertainment. The high character which is intended to be given to it can be inferred when we state that the managers have sent us a complimentary ticket.

130 years ago

Members and attaches of the Legislature and the other Winter sojourners at the Capital, can find to pleasanter place of resort for reading and the latest papers and magazines and selected popular books than at Cagwin and Noteware’s corner store on Carson Street.

100 years ago

Optimism pervaded every corner and crevice of the county court room at the Greater Carson club’s meeting last night and the surrounding atmosphere fairly scintillated with it. It was there in allopathic quantities and it seems to penetrate the system of everybody and inspire each to better things and better thoughts for the uplift of Carson City and Ormsby County. It seeks to raise $15,000 for the purchase of a site for the Memorial hall and $70,000 for the building of a new court house.

80 years ago

The Carson City Rotary Club observed the first anniversary of its organization yesterday. The attendance was approximately 70, including 37 visitors. Mr. Jeppson presented to the Rev. John L. Harvey, the Carson Rotary club’s first president, a specially made garment adapted to a child of one or two years.

50 years ago

A heavy snowfall today throughout southwestern Nevada grounded all planes and halted ground parties in the search for a DC3 missing since Tuesday with 35 persons aboard. The Mineral County Airlines plane was returning casino patrons to Burbank and Long Beach after an overnight stay in Hawthorne.

30 years ago

Donrey Media Group President Fred Smith was named by University of Nevada System regents Friday “Distinguished Nevadan” for 1989.


150 Years Ago

Preaching to the Legislature: Rev. G. B. Allen of St. Peters Episcopal Church will deliver a sermon in conformity with an invitation of the members of the Legislature, in the Assembly Chamber.

140 Years Ago

Destructive fire at Reno: A fire broke out near the Railroad Hotel in Reno and soon nearly the entire business portion of the city was in ashes. Five and possibly six persons perished in the flames. The fire limits are bounded on the north by Fourth Street, on the east by the town limits, on the south by Second Street and on the west by Sierra Street. The total losses – $1,000,000. The origin of the fire is prolific incendiary “a defective stove pipe.” The wind was blowing a hurricane and human effort was unavailing to stop the flames.

Virginia City is alive to the need of relief and has sent several car-loads of provisions and many citizens are stirring to secure contributions of money. The Legislature passed and the Governor signed a bill appropriating $10,000 for the relief of the sufferers. What will Carson do?

130 Years Ago

“Jack the Kisser”: He roams the streets of St. Louis at night and distributes cards among his victims explaining that his mission is divine, and his kiss devoid of sensuality. This assertion is borne out by the fact that neither age nor ugliness is spared by him.

110 Years Ago

Caught in the act (prohibition): H. A. Reinhard, manager of Dugan’s Dance hall, had plead guilty to the charge of selling booze, which landed him in jail for three months and a fine of $250. Reinhard was caught by Officer Renear when he tried to tip over a glass of whiskey.

50 Years Ago

Bonuses: A bonus plan for state employees with 10 or more years of “continuous, satisfactory” service was introduced in the Assembly by Dr. John Homer. The measure would entitle a classified (civil service) employee with between 10 and 12 years on the job to an annual incentive payment. An employee with between 10 and 12 years would receive 3 percent of their annual salary. Those working for 12 to 15 years would receive 4 percent and those with 15 would receive 5 percent – to be payable in May and November.

20 Years Ago

Obituary: Grace Bordewich died March 1, 1999. She was a descendant of a pioneer Nevada family. Her grandfather was Augustus Cutts of a 17th century Maine family. He originally came to Carson City as a government scout. He settled here in 1863 to become superintendent of the Vivian and Santiago mills on the Carson River during the Comstock Era. Ms. Bordewich graduated from the University of Nevada and taught English in Carson City for more than 30 years. Survivors include her sister Nancy Bordewich Bowers, a well-known Nevada artist, and cousins, Frances Cooke of Carson City and Fergus Bordewich of Barrytown, N.Y. The Bordewich family’s Norwegian ancestry dates back hundreds of years to the Lofoten Islands and seafaring explorers. Her father, Arthur Bordewich, was chief of the press room at the Nevada State Printing Office for 40 years.


150 Years Ago

Pyramid Lake: A gentleman has recently explored the islands of Pyramid Lake, in Utah [sic] which are avoided by some superstition of the Indians that says it is impossible during incubating season, to walk on the islands without stepping on the eggs of gulls, ducks, pelicans, and other aquatic fowl. Two small rocky islands are alive with rattlesnakes, which bask in the shade of every stone; so that an intruder is often treated to a serenade of a dozen or more rattles of various degrees of power and shades of tone. (S.F. Times). Appeal note: Your item is correct enough with the exception of location. Pyramid Lake is not in Utah, but in the State of Nevada. The Truckee flows into that lake.

140 Years Ago

Reno fire relief: A Ball will be held at the Opera House in Carson City for the relief of the Reno sufferers. Prof. Varney will furnish the music free, the hall will be free, the gas will be free and everything else will be free – printing and all. Admission is $2.50. The gross receipts will be turned over to the Reno sufferers.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: The Hot Springs wagon will cease running for a while, until the smallpox scare is over.

110 Years Ago

Income tax: The due date for Income Taxes is March 15 with severe penalties for delays. Residents of Nevada are required to make their returns and pay their taxes to Justus Wardell, Internal Revenue, San Francisco, Cal.

50 Years Ago

Unemployment: Near-record snowfall which inhibited motor travel throughout much of Northern Nevada was largely responsible for a 21 percent rise in unemployment during January according to Jerry Dondero, director of the State Employment Security Department.

20 Years Ago

Advertisement: Wallace Theater, Northgate movies 10 – “The Other Sister,” “Blast from the Past,” “Office Space,” “October Sky,” “Shakespeare in Love,” 200 Cigarettes,” “My Favorite Martian…”

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006, and Sue Ballew is Bill Dolan’s daughter.


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