Carson Nugget celebrates 65th anniversary

The Carson Nugget Casino Hotel celebrates its 65th anniversary with the grand opening of its new restaurant Angelina’s Bistro, a birthday cake and champagne toast, and the premiere of Casino Boss, episode 2 on Tuesday, March 12, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Carson Nugget, 507 N. Carson Street.

Episodes 1 and 2 of Casino Boss, the television sitcom created by the Nugget’s owner, Dean DiLullo, and filmed with a cast of celebrities, local comedians and extras from Carson City will be aired in the Carson Comedy Club, located inside the Carson Nugget beginning at 6 p.m. with free cake cutting and champagne toast at 7.

“We’re celebrating 65 wonderful years in the community,” DiLullo said. “Angelina’s Bistro is a small and intimate dining experience adjacent to Angelina’s Steakhouse, where you can get great food, great wine and great service seven days a week.”

The Carson Nugget was opened by Richard Graves on March 5, 1954. Graves moved to Carson City from Idaho, opened the Carson Nugget and introduced the Casino’s famous Awful Awful Burger.

“The Awful Awful premiered in the Carson City market for 55 cents,” DiLullo said. “We proudly offer the Awful Awful still today in the All-American Eatery, along with our full complement of amenities including the Bistro, Angelina’s Steakhouse, Alatte and the Carson Comedy Club.”

“For 65 years the Carson Nugget has been famous For winners,” DiLullo said. “Come on down and experience Angelina’s Bistro, enjoy a free show and raise a champagne glass to the next 65 years.”

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