The Popcorn Stand: On St. Patrick’s day, avoid Irish cliches

With St. Patrick’s Day weekend coming up as a public service, I’ll go over a few Irish cliches to avoid.

Don’t address an Irish person with a greeting like “top o’ the morning to ya.” I don’t think I’ve actually heard an Irish person use a phrase like that since, well, since ever.

Don’t say something like U2 is overrated around an Irish person. As a matter of fact don’t say something like U2 is overrated to me.

It’s also probably not a good idea when you’re introduced to an Irish person for one of the first things you say is something like, “Oh you must really like that Michael Flatley in Riverdance?” My guess is most Irish people don’t dance like Michael Flatley in Riverdance.

It’s also a pretty good idea not to tell an Irish person something like, “Oh you’re Irish, you must have some pretty good tall tales to tell.”

Also, it’s not such a great idea to tell an Irish person “you have a pretty good command of the English language.”

And I’m sure it’s not a good idea to tell an Irish person they must be pretty lucky.

Nobody likes cliches and stereotypes that are associated with them. You know when people say “oh you must be like this or you must be like that.”

So St. Patrick’s Day weekend is just another time to remember we all want to be treated with respect and dignity.

That way, sorry yes it’s a cliche, but Irish eyes — and all eyes — will be smiling.

— Charles Whisnand


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