Nevada Legislature: 140 bills introduced as deadline hits

CARSON CITY, Nev. — A total of 140 bills were introduced on Monday, March 25, as the second major deadline hit the 2019 Nevada Legislature. Monday was the deadline for introduction of bills not belonging to an individual lawmaker — primarily those drafted at the request of standing committees of the Senate and Assembly. The Senate introduced 60 measures and referred most of them to the committees where they originated. The Assembly did the same with 80 bills. That brings the total number of measures now under consideration in the Senate to 488 and the number in the Assembly to 491. The first deadline on March 18 was the final day for introduction of bills by individual lawmakers. That day saw a similar number of introductions in the two chambers. The next deadline on the 120-day session calendar is Tuesday, April 2, when the money committees begin closing budgets. That will be followed quickly by April 12, the deadline for passage of legislation by committee in the house where the measures were introduced. April 23 is the deadline in most sessions sees the largest number of bills die — the deadline for passage out of the house where the legislation was introduced. The deadlines for measures to make progress in the second house are farther off. Committee passage is May 17 and second house passage May 24. The last major deadline is May 29 when budget bills and exempt bills are introduced. The final day of the 80th regular session is June 3.


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