Wall Street Journal: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spends $59 million on Lake Tahoe properties

The founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has quietly acquired $59 million worth of real estate at Lake Tahoe.

That is according to exclusive reporting by The Wall Street Journal published Thursday.

Per The Journal, the Facebook founder used a limited-liability company, wealth manager and nondisclosure agreements in an attempt to shield the transactions from public view.

The report notes the juxtaposition of the tech pioneer’s privacy efforts amid calls for Facebook to ensure greater privacy for users. Zuckerberg announced a series of new features geared toward improved privacy Tuesday during an event in San Jose.

According to The Journal, Zuckerberg bought two private estates on Tahoe’s West Shore south of Tahoe City.

The first property he purchased is known as the Carousel Estate. It was one of a handful of high-profile Tahoe properties that landed on the real estate market in 2017, as the Tribune reported at the time.

The Journal reports that Zuckerberg purchased the property for $22 million — $7.5 million less than the listing price reported by the Tribune in November 2017.

Zuckerberg’s second purchase, per The Journal, was the historic Brushwood Estate on Tahoe’s West Shore.

Although the journal cites sources saying Zuckerberg gravitates toward lower-profile properties, the Brushwood garnered attention when it went on the market, with posts appearing on SFGate.com and elsewhere.

When the property made waves on Tahoe’s real estate market in December 2017, it was listed at $45 million, the Tribune reported at the time.

Zuckerberg purchased the Brushwood in January for $37 million, according to The Journal.

Both properties are located on the same street. Sources told The Journal that Zuckerberg has voiced some degree of interest in purchasing a third property on the street.



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